Battery Tender Solar Charge Controller

Battery Tender

Connects to any solar panel to create a portable solar powered charger using Battery Tender® patented and proven charging algorithm.  Designed to be used with any 5 to 45 watt non-Battery Tender® solar panels.



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For use with solar panels from 5 Watt to 45 Watts

Connects to a solar panel to create a portable solar powered charger

Charge controller is automatic and has 3 primary charge modes – bulk mode (full power), absorption mode (75 – 100% charged) and storage/ maintenance mode (100% charged)

When the battery is fully charged, the green status indicator will turn on and the charge controller will switch to maintenance mode

The Battery Tender® Solar Charger charges at up to 3.0 Amps (3.0 Amp Hours per hour).

Will not charge a battery that is below 3 volts

Suggested wire gauge (AWG) – under 25′ – 16 AWG, 25-50′ 14 AWG (cables are not included)




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Battery Tender




12 Volts