Battery Tender Voltage Indicator 081-0157

Battery Tender

A great accessory for your Battery Tender charger to easily check the voltage on your 12 Volt flooded or AGM battery.    Perfect for those hard to reach batteries.



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Battery Tender Voltage Indicator with black 2 pin quick disconnect

Works with 12 volt flooded (wet) or sealed AGM batteries

LCD display shows the battery voltage when the button is pressed or the indicator is first plugged in

  • Red – battery is discharged – less than 11.6 volts
  • Yellow – battery voltage is low – 11.6 to 12 volts
  • Green – battery is charged – greater than 12 volts

A great accessory for your Battery Tender charger.  Use with the quick disconnect ring terminals included with your charger or you can purchase separately


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Battery Tender




12 Volts


LCD Voltage indicator