Samlex BBM-1225 Battery Backup Module


Samlex BBM-1225 Battery Backup Module.   Connects to the output of a power supply and your battery to provide automatic backup capabilities.


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Samlex BBM-1225 Battery Backup Module

Preset for 12 Volt power supply, minor modifications for 24 Volt power supply

Capable of handling 25 Amp output

Connects to the output of a power supply and a battery to provide battery backup capabilities

If the AC power fails, module will switch the DC connection of your electronics from the power supply to the battery

When the AC power is on the module regulates the DC power supply output voltage and current to recharge your backup batteries while supplying the DC load

Transfer of load between the power supply and battery is instantaneous

Also keeps the battery charged by providing a float charge

This is a passive device and only acts as an interface between the external power supply, the battery and the DC load

As long as the power supply is operating normally, this device will supply the load as well as float charge the battery

BBM-1225 user guide

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Samlex BBM-1225


Battery backup module