NOCO GENPRO10X3 3 bank charger


NOCO GENPRO10X3 3 bank onboard battery charger is rated at 30-amps (10-amps per bank) for 12-volt deep cycle batteries, including flooded, AGM and Lithium-Ion.

Can independently charge and control each battery bank with selectable charging modes.


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GENPRO10X3 3 Bank charger for flooded, AGM and Lithium-Ion deep cycle batteries

12 Volt 30 Amp (10 Amp per bank)

Can charge and control each bank individually

On-board charger is 100% waterproof and has a IP68 rating

5 charging modes:

  1. 12 Volt mode for flooded lead acid batteries
  2. 12 Volt AGM mode for sealed AGM batteries
  3. 12 Volt Lithium mode for Lithium Ion batteries
  4. Repair Mode – to repair idle sulfated batteries
  5. Force Mode – to charge batteries that are below 1 volt

Easy to read LED lights

Highly efficient – microcomputer controls charging to minimize power loss

Integrated thermal sensor monitor adjusts the charging cycle based on temperature fluctuation to eliminate over-charging in hot weather and under-charging in cold weather

Easy mounting system allows you to quickly install in any direction – even upside down

Integrated anti-vibration backing to isolate shock, vibration, and noise.

Eyelet and DC cable length 72″ / 182cm

AC cable length 72″ / 182ccm

GENPRO10X3 data sheet

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Weight 13 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 11 × 6.5 in



12 Volts




3 bank battery charger