NOCO Genius5 Battery Charger


NOCO GENIUS5 smart charger is a fully automatic battery charger designed for 6 volt and 12 volt automotive, marine and deep cycle batteries including flooded, AGM and Lithium-ion.  Just plug in, connect, select a charge mode and start charging!



NOCO Genius5 Battery Charger

5 Amp fully automatic battery charger and maintainer

Charges 6 Volt and 12 Volt batteries up to 120 Ah

Includes battery clamp connectors with integrated eyelet terminal connectors and mounting bracket with strap

Safely charges Flooded,  AGM and Lithium-ion batteries

6 charging modes:

  1. 12 Volt  mode for flooded lead acid batteries
  2. 12 Volt AGM mode for sealed, AGM batteries
  3. 12 Volt lithium mode for lithium ion batteries
  4. 6 Volt mode for 6 volt flooded lead acid batteries
  5.  12 Volt repair mode to repair old sulfated batteries
  6. Force Mode to manually charge dead batteries below 1 volt

Plug-n-play connectors for easy accessory changes

Genius5 data sheet

Genius5 user guide


Additional information

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 3 × 2 in



ATV, Car, Motorcycle, Snowmobile


12 Volts, 6 Volts


AGM, Conventional (Wet flooded), Lithium


12 Volt 5 Amp charger

6 Volt 5 Amp charger


Genius 5