APC RBC17 Replacement Battery

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APC RBC17 replacement battery. The HRL1234W is specifically designed for high efficient discharge applications.  This 12 Volt 9 Amp Hour (34w/cell) High Rate sealed battery can be used up to eight years in standby applications. It is leak proof and maintenance free.


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HRL1234W – 12 Volt 34W (9 AH)  AGM battery

HRL series batteries are High Rate and Long Life.   Designed for high efficient discharge and up to an 8 year life in standby applications such as UPS systems

Maintenance free Deep Cycle AGM (sealed) battery

Leak Proof and Spill Proof – allows for safe operation in any position except inverted

Recognized under UL 1989, and certified by ISO 9001, 14001

HRL1234W data sheet


APC™ RBC17 ™ are registered trademarks of American Power Conversion. Part numbers used herein are for reference purposes only.

Additional information

Weight 5.51 lbs
Dimensions 5.94 × 2.55 × 3.71 in


Amp Hour

9 AH


AGM, Sealed Lead Acid




12 Volts



For UPS Models BE650BB, BE650BB-CN, BE650G, BE650R, BE650R-CN, BE725BB, BE750G, DL650T, DL725VT, BP700UC, BN600.