The Pros Count On Lifeline Batteries

Lifeline Batteries is proud to call attention to Andre Moore, the first PRO Bass Fisherman willing to share his power “SECRET”, Lifeline Batteries. Winning fishermen are a little sneaky when it comes to their ways and how they continue to win. However, we finally convinced one of these guys to go on record with us and tell the world what kind of batteries he demands for performance in “Tournament” situations.

Pro Bass Fans know that Andre Moore is the man behind Reaction Innovations, its cutting-edge new products and he has a few other tricks up his sleeve too. Two time FLW winning fishermen, the Beaver killer (he’s won there twice on tour) Andre Moore demands Lifeline Batteries for all his tournament craft because he can count on the quality of the product not to let him down.
Lifeline Batteries are a critical component of our BRP Evinrude Outboard and Ranger Boat setup. Without adequate starting, trolling, and accessory battery power on the boats we lose some of the tools to chase the “BIG FISH” that win tournaments. We exclusively use Lifeline Batteries for all of our tournament boats because we can count on the batteries not to let us down in any critical situations. I know that my trolling motors will turn, my Evinrude BRP motor will start, and the Ranger boat accessories will be adequately powered all day, all weekend, or all season.
Andre Moore uses Lifeline Batteries…Congratulations to Andre Moore, 2 Time Winner FLW Tour Stops with Lifeline Batteries ONBOARD!

Andre Moore