Electric Bike Battery

We stock a full line of sealed lead acid batteries for use in electric bikes (ebikes) and electric scooters.
They come in various sizes and capacities including 12 volt 15 amp hour and 12 volt 12 amp hour (AH) batteries.These are upgrades to most original equipment batteries including 6-DZM-12.
Our Power Sonic battery and CSB battery brands are especially suited for electric vehicle applications with low self-discharge rates and high reliability. They also feature low resistance so recharge is easy and energy output is more reliable.

When deciding on which battery is right for your ebike or scooter you should choose a battery that features high rate discharge construction and deep discharge recoverability. General purpose batteries that many companies sell are not ideal for these applications. Battery quality should be your main consideration when deciding on which battery is right for you, as the saying goes “you get what you pay for” and price shouldn’t be your only consideration.