Deep Cycle Battery

Deep Cycle batteries are designed to be continuously discharged and recharged.    Important aspects of a deep cycle battery are depth of discharge and cycle life.

Depth of discharge is how much will be battery be discharged per use.  Cycle life is how many cycles (or discharge and recharges) will the battery provide.  In most cases, the less you discharge the battery, the more cycles it will provide over the life of the battery.

For example, if you discharge your battery 30% – so use up 30% of the battery each time and then recharge it.  You will most like get more cycles out of the battery than if you discharge your battery 80% each time.

Common uses for a deep cycle battery are solar applications, RV, mobility equipment, and ebikes.


    OPTIMA BLUETOP D27M 9027-127

    Optima Batteries
  • OPTIMA BLUETOP D31M 9052-161

    OPTIMA BLUETOP D31M 9052-161

    Optima Batteries

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