Jump Starting a Battery with a Portable Booster Pack

A vehicle with a battery that is too discharged to operate the starter may be jump started in an emergency. Jump starting connects a charged battery in parallel with the discharged battery to provide enough power to start the engine.
Whenever possible, a safer alternative to jump starting is to remove the battery from the vehicle for charging and testing. This reduces the chances of personal injury or vehicle damage associated with the jump starting procedures.
• Jump starting a vehicle is a potentially dangerous procedure. Battery gases are explosive. Gloves, protective clothing, and goggles should always be worn when jump starting a vehicle.
• Never smoke or create a spark that could ignite explosive battery gases.
• Never make the final cable connection at the battery, it may create a spark.
• Make sure the dead battery is not frozen. Do not attempt to jump start a frozen battery. It could explode.
We sell a wide variety of portable battery booster packs to jump start anything from the smallest cars up to the largest heavy duty commercial vehicles. We even sell a jump starter that’s fitted with a Cessna connector designed to boost aircraft and ground support vehicles.
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