NOCO Battery Boxes are designed to protect and store your battery. They are available in plastic or alumimum design for car, boat, marine, RV, racing, golf cart and solar batteries. Sizes include 6Volt golf cart, 4D, 8D, group 24, 27 & 31 batteries.

Non-Sealed Aluminum Battery Boxes

Non-sealed Group 24-27 battery boxes are fabricated from a durable aluminum sheet metal for optimal resistance to shock, vibration and corrosion. This non-sealed battery box design allows configuration of the battery box for multiple applications and cable runs; front, back, side, high or low. The box is easy to install and comes complete with stainless steel 3/8″ U-bolt, mounting brackets and hardware.

Available in sizes: HM241 24, HM242 24, HM251 27, HM252 27

Snap-Top Battery Boxes

Manufactured using the highest quality injection molded polypropylene plastic, the Snap-Top design effectively collects electrolytes and allows ventilation. The lid secures and locks to prevent accidental contact of underground battery terminals.

Available in sizes: HM300BK 24, HM327BK 27, HM306BK 6V, HM318BK 24 – 31

Commerical Battery Boxes

Rotationally molded from the highest quality, low density polypropylene plastic, these rugged battery boxes maintain their tough impact properties in climates down to -40 °F (-40 °C).

Available in sizes: HM408 4D, HM426 Dual 6V, HM462 Dual L16, HM484 8D, HM485 Dual 8D