Battery / UPS model compatability

RBC 1 fits models: APC BackUPS 200, APC BackUPS BK200, APC BackUPS BK250B, APC BK200, APC BK200B, APC RBC1

RBC 2 fits models:  Apc Ap330 – Apc Ap330xt+ – Apc Ap360 – Apc Ap360sx – Apc Ap600 – Apc Ap600rm – Apc Backups 200b – Apc Backups 250b – Apc Backups 300 – Apc Backups 400 – Apc Backups 400b – Apc Backups 500m – Apc Backups Pro 280 – Apc Backups Pro 280c – Apc Backups Pro 280pnp – Apc Backups Pro 280s – Apc Backups Pro 350u – Apc Backups Pro 420 – Apc Backups Pro 420c – Apc Backups Pro 420pnp – Apc Backups Pro 420s – Apc Backups Pro 500clr – Apc Dl1400rm – Apc Dl2200rm3u – Apc Dl2200rmi3u – Apc Dl3000rm3u – Apc Dl3000rmi3u – Apc Ns2200rm3u – Apc Ns2200rmi3u – Apc Ns3000rmt3u – Apc Personal Powercell – Apc Pro 350 Usb – Apc Professional Powercell – Apc Rbc5 – Apc Smartups 1400rm – Apc Smartups 2200 Rmi3u – Apc Smartups 2200rm3u – Apc Smartups 3000 Rm3u – Apc Smartups 3000 Rmi3u – Apc Smartups 3000rmt3u – Apc Smartups 360sx – Apc Smartups 420 – Apc Smartups 420net – Apc Smartups 450 – Apc Smartups 450net – Apc Smartups 600 – Apc Smartups 600ls – Apc Smartups 700 – Apc Smartups 700net – Smartups1400rmnet

RBC 4 fits models:  Apc B-655 – Apc Backups 650 Pro – Apc Backups 650m – Apc Backups Pro 1000 – Apc Backups Pro 650 – Apc Rbc6 – Apc Smartups 1000 – Apc Smartups 1000rm – Apc Smartups 650 – Apc Smartups 650v/S – Apc Smartups V/S 1000 – Apc Smartups Vs650

RBC 5 fits models:  Apc SU450 – Apc SU450NET –  Apc SU600 – Apc SU700 -Apc SU700BX120 -Apc SU700NET -Apc SU700x93 -DellDL700

RBC 6 fits models:  APC BK12500, APC BP1000, APC BP1100, APC SU1000, APC SU1000BX120, APC SU1000NET, APC SU1000RM, APC SU1000RMNET, APC SU1000VS,  APC SU1000X127,  APC SU1000X93,  APC SU700X167,  APC SUA1000,  APC SUVS1000

RBC 7 fits models: APC BackUPS Pro 1400 APC BackUPS Pro BP1400 APC BackUPS Pro BP1400X116 APC BP1400 APC BP1400X116 APC DLA1500 APC SmartUPS 1000XL APC SmartUPS 1000XLNET APC SmartUPS 1250 APC SmartUPS 1400 APC SmartUPS 1400NET APC SmartUPS 1500 APC SmartUPS 700XL APC SmartUPS 700XLNET APC SmartUPS SU1000XL APC SmartUPS SU1000XLNET APC SmartUPS SU1400 APC SmartUPS SU1400BX120 APC SmartUPS SU1400NET APC SmartUPS SU1400V/S APC SmartUPS SU1400X106 APC SmartUPS SU1400X145 APC SmartUPS SU1400X93 APC SmartUPS SU700XL APC SmartUPS SU700XLNET APC SmartUPS SUA1000XL APC SmartUPS SUA1500 APC SmartUPS SUA750XL APC SmartUPS VS1400 APC SMT1500 APC SU1000XL APC SU1000XLNET APC SU1250 APC SU1250RM APC SU1400 APC SU1400BX120 APC SU1400NET APC SU1400VS APC SU1400X106 APC SU1400X145 APC SU1400X93 APC SU700XL APC SU700XLNET APC SUA1500 APC SUA1500X93 APC SUA750XL APC SUVS1400


RBC 9 fits models: APC SmartUPS 700RM, APC SmartUPS 700RMNet, APC SmartUPS RM SU700RM ,APC SU700RM, APC SU700RMNET

RBC 11 fits models: APC AP280- APC SmartUPS 1400RMXLNET- APC SmartUPS 1400RMXLTNET-APC SmartUPS 1400XLTNET- APC SmartUPS 2200NET-APC SmartUPS 2200RM-APC SmartUPS 2200RMNET-APC SmartUPS 2200RMXL-, APC SmartUPS 2200RMXLNET-APC SmartUPS 2200RMXLTNET- APC SmartUPS 2200XL- APC SmartUPS 2200XLNET- APC SmartUPS 2200XLT- APC SmartUPS 2200XLTNET- APC SmartUPS 24XLBP-APC SmartUPS 3000- APC SmartUPS 3000NET- APC SmartUPS 3000RM -APC SmartUPS 3000RMNET- APC SmartUPS 3000TNET- APC SmartUPS 48XLBP- APC SmartUPS SU1400XLTNET-APC SmartUPS SU2200APC- SmartUPS SU2200BX120- APC SmartUPS SU2200INET- APC SmartUPS SU2200NET- APC SmartUPS SU2200X106- APC SmartUPS SU2200X111- APC SmartUPS SU2200X115- APC SmartUPS SU2200X93- APC SmartUPS SU2200XL- APC SmartUPS SU2200XLNET- APC SmartUPS SU2200XLTNET- APC SmartUPS SU2200XLTX153 -APC SmartUPS SU24XLBP- APC SmartUPS SU3000- APC SmartUPS SU3000INET- APC SmartUPS SU3000NET- APC SmartUPS SU3000TNET- APC SmartUPS SU3000X177- APC SmartUPS SU48BP- APC SmartUPS SU48XLBP- APC SmartUPS SUA24XLBP- APC SU1400RMXLNET- APC SU1400RMXLTNET- APC SU1400XLTNET- APC SU2000- APC SU2200- APC SU2200BX120- APC SU2200NET- APC SU2200RM- APC SU2200RMNET- APC SU2200RMXL

RBC 12 fits models: APC APC3RA-APC APC3TA- APC DL2200RM13U- APC DL2200RM3U- APC DL3000RM13U -APC DL3000RM3U -APC NS2200RM3U- APC NS3000RM3U- APC NS3000RMT3U -APC SmartUPS 2200RM3U -APC SmartUPS 2200RMI3U- APC SmartUPS 3000RM3U- APC SmartUPS 3000RMI3U -APC SmartUPS 3000RMT3U- APC SmartUPS 5000RMT5U- APC SmartUPS 5000RMT5UXFMR- APC SmartUPS 5000RMTXFMR- APC SmartUPS 5000T -APC SmartUPS 5000TXFMR -APC SU20000R3X155- APC SU2200R3X106- APC SU2200R3X147- APC SU2200R3X152- APC SU2200R3X167- APC SU2200RB3120- APC SU2200RM13U- APC SU2200RM3U- APC SU3000R3BX120- APC SU3000R3X145- APC SU3000RM3U- APC SU3000RMT3U- APC SU3000RMTX136- APC SU5000R5TBX120- APC SU5000R5XLTXFMR -APC SU5000RMT5U- APC SU5000RMT5UXFMR- APC SU5000RMTXFMR- APC SU5000RMXLT5U- APC SU5000T- APC SU5000TX168- APC SU5000TXFMR

RBC 17 fits models: APC BackUPS 200 APC BackUPS 250B APC BackUPS 280 APC BackUPS 280B APC BackUPS 300 APC BackUPS 400 APC BackUPS 400B APC BackUPS 500M APC BackUPS 500MC APC BackUPS BK200 APC BackUPS BK200B APC BackUPS BK250 APC BackUPS BK250B APC BackUPS BK250EC APC BackUPS BK250I APC BackUPS BK280B APC BackUPS BK300C APC BackUPS BK300X116 APC BackUPS BK350 APC BackUPS BK400 APC BackUPS BK400B APC BackUPS BK500 APC BackUPS BK500MC APC BackUPS ES 8 Outlet 500VA APC BackUPS ES BE500U APC BackUPS ES BE650BB APC BackUPS ES BE650BB-CN APC BackUPS ES BE700BB APC BackUPS ES BE725BB APC BackUPS ES BR500U APC BackUPS PCPER APC BackUPS Pro BP280 APC BackUPS Pro BP280C APC BackUPS Pro BP280IPNP APC BackUPS Pro BP280S APC BackUPS Pro BP280SX116 APC BackUPS Pro BP350U APC BackUPS Pro BP350UC APC BackUPS Pro BP420 APC BackUPS Pro BP420C APC BackUPS Pro BP420IPNP APC BackUPS Pro BP420S APC BackUPS Pro BP500CLR APC BackUPS Pro BP500UC APC BackUPS Pro BP700UC APC BE500R APC BE550R APC BK200 APC BK200B APC BK250B APC BK280B APC BK300 APC BK350 APC BK400Belkin BERBC31 Belkin BERBC56 Belkin BU306000 Belkin BU308000 Belkin BU3DC000-12V Belkin F6C1000 Belkin F6C127-BAT Belkin F6C127-BAT-ATT Belkin F6C127-BAT-AVR Belkin F6C1272-BAT Belkin F6C129-BAT Belkin F6C325 Belkin F6C325-SER Belkin F6C350-USB Belkin F6C350-USB-MAC Belkin F6C425 Belkin F6C425-SER Belkin F6C500 Belkin F6C500-USB Belkin F6C500-USB-MAC Belkin F6C525 Belkin F6C525-SER Belkin F6C550-AVR – Rev.A Belkin F6C625 Belkin F6C625-SER Belkin F6C650 Belkin F6C650-USB Belkin F6C650-USB-MAC Belkin F6C750-AVR Belkin F6C750odmAVR Belkin F6C750spAVR Belkin F6C800 Belkin F6H650 Belkin F6H650-SER Belkin F6H650-USB Belkin Pro F6C425 Belkin Pro F6C525 Belkin Pro F6C625 Belkin Pro F6C650 Belkin Pro Gold F6C250-USB Belkin Pro Gold F6C425-SER Belkin Pro Gold F6C500-USB Belkin Regulator Pro Gold 325 Belkin Regulator Pro Gold 425 Belkin Regulator Pro Gold 525 Belkin Regulator Pro Gold 625 Belkin S6C500USB   Tripp Lite AVR750U Tripp Lite BC 400 Tripp Lite BC Internet 450 Tripp Lite BC Internet 500 Tripp Lite BC Personal 420 Tripp Lite BC Personal 450 Tripp Lite BC300 Internet Tripp Lite BC325A Tripp Lite BC3348 Tripp Lite BC400 Tripp Lite BC400 Standby UPS Tripp Lite BC420 Tripp Lite BC450 Tripp Lite BC500 LAN Tripp Lite BCINTERNET450 Tripp Lite BCINTERNET500 Tripp Lite BCINTERNET550 Tripp Lite BCPERS450 Tripp Lite BCPro 600 (1 batt ver.) Tripp Lite BCPRO1400 Tripp Lite INTERNET 750U Tripp Lite Internet Office 450 Tripp Lite InternetOffice 700 Tripp Lite Omni1000LCD Tripp Lite OMNI750ISO Tripp Lite OmniSmart 450 Tripp Lite Smart 280 Tripp Lite SMART750USB Tripp Lite SMART750XL Tripp Lite SU2200RM2U IBM UPS OfficePro IBM UPS OP500 IBM UPS OP500AVR IBM UPS OP500AVRi IBM UPS OP500i IBM UPS OP700 IBM UPS OP700AVR IBM UPS OP700AVRi IBM UPS OP700i

RBC22 fits models: APC SU700RM2U, APC SU700R2BX120, APC SUA750RM2U

RBC23 fits models: SU1000RM2U, SU1000R2BX120, SUA1000RM2U, SUA1000RMUS

RBC24 fits models: APC SU1400RM2U, SU1400RMJ2U, SU1400R2BX120, SU1400R2X122, SU1400RM2UX93, SUA1500R2X93, SUA1500RM2U, SUA1500RMUS

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