The Best Way to Double Your Phones Battery Life

Have you ever experienced the frustration of a dead phone battery and the anxiety that’s associated with not being able to connect with your family, friends or business associates? Well we’ve got the perfect solution to put an end to this problem, android and iPhone battery cases from Lenmar that double your battery life.

The Meridian iPhone 5 Battery Case is one of the most powerful cases with 2300mAh of battery capacity. More than enough power to double your talk, text and surfing time allowing you to stay connected and productive.

The Stylish two-piece rubberized case  features an  LED charge status indicator, which displays remaining power in the battery case. It includes a Headphone Extension Cable and Micro-USB to USB charging cable which allows you to charge your phone and case simultaneously.

The Meridian Battery Case was recently reviewed in The Wall Street Journal Tech Product Reviews by Joanna Stern and received glowing reviews.

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