GP Battery A76 button cell

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GP Batteries GPA76 is a 1.5 volt alkaline button cell battery commonly used in medical devices, games, watches, calculators and more.



GPA76 / V13GA / LR44  1.5 Volt Alkaline Manganese button cell battery

Used in cameras, toys, calculators, watches, and more.

Button cell batteries are not interchangeable – the diameter, thickness and capacities can vary by size

Non rechargeable

GPA76 data sheet


Additional information

Weight .3 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in

Electronics, Medical Devices, Toys and Games


GP Batteries


1.5 Volts



303, D303, SR44SW, SR44W, SR44P, SR44, SP303, V303, 303-1, SB-A9, 280-08, A, SR1154SW, 357, D357, SP347, V357, SB-B9, J, SR1154PW, AG13, 1107SO, 1066A, S05, S15, SR07, BLR44, 228, 280-904, G13-A, 10L14, 10SL17, D76, MS76, MS76H, BS07, BSR44H, A76, 541, EPX76, S76E, GP57, GP76, GPA76, G13F, G13R, GS13, S76, 2013, 313, LR44, MGA-2200, 357A, SP76, LX S-76, 23-009, RS76, RS76-2, RW22, RW42, RW82, R357, SB-F9, 76-S, KA, T535B, V13GA, V76HS, V76PX, L1154, L1154F