CR1220 Lithium battery

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CR1220 lithium battery.  GP 3 volt coin cell batteries are energy-dense and designed to deliver long-lasting superior power for your small specialty devices including  calculators, smart watches, garage door openers and more.


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CR1220 Lithium battery

Nominal voltage  – 3 volts


  • Diameter 12 mm
  • Height 2 mm
  • Weight 2.4 gram

Long shelf life

Non rechargeable

Wide operating temperature – can operate in -10°C to +60°C conditions

Commonly used in keyless entry remotes, calculators, watches, robots, medical devices, games and more.

Coin cell Lithium batteries are not interchangeable – the diameter, thickness and capacities can vary by size

CR1220 specifications

Replaces DL2020, ECR1220, 5012LC, L04,CR1220-1W, KCR1220, LM1220, SB-T13 and L04



Additional information

Weight .3 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in

Electronics, Keyless Entry, Medical Devices, Toys and Games


GP Batteries


3 Volts



DL1220, ECR1220, BR1220, 280-208, DL1220B, BR1220-1W, CR1220-1W, KCR1220, LM1220, 5012LC, SB-T13, L04, PA, CR1220