Summer Battery Care Tips

Most of us only think about our car batteries condition in the weeks leading up to winter. The truth is summer heat can do just as much or more damage to your cars battery than winter’s cold temperatures.
Here are some startling statistics regarding the damage that heat can cause to your vehicles battery.
• Batteries die 30% faster from the summer heat vs. winters cold.
• A far larger number of car batteries die in July than in January.
• Once the outside temperatures reach 70° C, the temperature under the hood of your car can be 120° C.
By following these tips you can reduce the chances of premature battery failure due to extreme summer heat:
• Perform a visual inspection of your battery, if you notice corrosion around the terminals or bulging in the batteries case you should have the battery serviced by a licensed technician.
• Preventive maintenance goes a long way toward prolonging the life of your battery. Take a few minutes to read about your battery in your car’s manual and become familiar with what kind of battery it is, where it is, how to safely clean it and what the indicator lights inside your car might be trying to tell you.
• If your battery isn’t maintenance free you should have the water levels checked in each cell, making sure the plates are covered. This prevents sulfation and reduces the possibility of an internal battery explosion.
• If the water level is low, add distilled water (avoid tap water) until the plates are covered.
• Avoid overfilling, especially in hot weather, because the heat can cause the solution inside to expand and overflow.
It is recommended that you have your battery and electrical system professionally tested every three to six months and especially prior to heading out on a trip.
Royal Battery Sales will provide free battery testing to determine how much life is left in your battery to prevent the cost and headaches associated with unexpected battery failure.