Odyssey Battery Performance Series

Odyssey Battery

EnerSys has announced the release of new BCI sizes for the ODYSSEY Battery Performance Series line.
BCI group sizes 34 and 78 are available immediately and the 65 group size will be available in early 2014.
ODYSSEY Performance Series batteries provide all the reliability of ODYSSEY Extreme Series batteries including features such as longer cycle life, faster recharge, superior vibration resistance and extreme temperature tolerance.
The 4 year replacement warranty provides peace of mind as does the 3-10 year service life.
If your looking for an AGM flat plate battery but don’t need Extreme cold cranking amps then the ODYSSEY Performance battery is the logical choice.

Summer Battery Care Tips

Most of us only think about our car batteries condition in the weeks leading up to winter. The truth is summer heat can do just as much or more damage to your cars battery than winter’s cold temperatures.
Here are some startling statistics regarding the damage that heat can cause to your vehicles battery.
• Batteries die 30% faster from the summer heat vs. winters cold.
• A far larger number of car batteries die in July than in January.
• Once the outside temperatures reach 70° C, the temperature under the hood of your car can be 120° C.
By following these tips you can reduce the chances of premature battery failure due to extreme summer heat:
• Perform a visual inspection of your battery, if you notice corrosion around the terminals or bulging in the batteries case you should have the battery serviced by a licensed technician.
• Preventive maintenance goes a long way toward prolonging the life of your battery. Take a few minutes to read about your battery in your car’s manual and become familiar with what kind of battery it is, where it is, how to safely clean it and what the indicator lights inside your car might be trying to tell you.
• If your battery isn’t maintenance free you should have the water levels checked in each cell, making sure the plates are covered. This prevents sulfation and reduces the possibility of an internal battery explosion.
• If the water level is low, add distilled water (avoid tap water) until the plates are covered.
• Avoid overfilling, especially in hot weather, because the heat can cause the solution inside to expand and overflow.
It is recommended that you have your battery and electrical system professionally tested every three to six months and especially prior to heading out on a trip.
Royal Battery Sales will provide free battery testing to determine how much life is left in your battery to prevent the cost and headaches associated with unexpected battery failure.

Battery Recycling

Domestically manufactured alkaline batteries made after 1994 no longer contain mercury, so they can be disposed of safely in regular trash. However, UPS batteries, nickel-cadmium rechargeable batteries, button batteries (like those used in watches and hearing aids), and the lithium batteries in computers and cameras should NOT be put in regular trash.
Royal Battery Sales recycles the following batteries:
• Nickel cadmium (Ni-Cd) rechargeable batteries
• Nickel metal hydride (Ni-MH) batteries
• Lithium ion (Li-ion)
• Laptop batteries
• lead acid Car and deep cycle batteries
• Sealed Lead Acid/ Absorbed Glass Matt batteries
For more information on recycling contact Royal Battery Sales Toronto

Off Season Battery Storage

If at all possible, remove the battery from the vehicle. Clean the battery and terminals using a solution of baking soda and water if there is any concern of electrolyte outside of the battery. Make sure that nothing enters the battery during cleaning. You can also use this same solution to clean the battery compartment of the vehicle to help neutralize any electrolyte that may be present. Rinse with clean water and dry thoroughly.

After the battery is cleaned, inspect for any signs of damage or extraordinary wear that may have occurred while in service. If you have any concerns about the condition of your battery, you should seek the advice of a mechanic or a battery specialist.

Upon determining there is no concern of damage, for conventional batteries, check the electrolyte levels. The level of electrolyte must be maintained above the minimum and at or below the maximum level line on the side of the battery. Check only when on a flat level service. If you need to increase the level, carefully add distilled water avoiding any overfill. Once the levels are adjusted, charge the battery referring to the manufacturers instructions.

Sealed VRLA batteries, or those referred to, as “Maintenance Free” do not require you to maintain the electrolyte levels. Sealed VRLA batteries must never be opened once in service or permanent damage and failure will occur. As with the conventional batteries, once you have cleaned and inspected the battery, charge it per the manufacturers instructions.
Odyssey ” flat plate AGM” batteries do not require you to maintain the electrolyte levels and must never be opened.

With the batteries in a full state of charge, you may wish to store it in a cool dry area away from children and pets. You may also choose to reinstall it in the vehicle. Either way, allow yourself access to the battery so you can periodically check your state of charge, or simply attach a NOCO Genius Multi-Purpose Battery Charger Maintainer or a Deltran Battery Tender® Battery Charger Maintainer.

Maintaining your battery state of charge during extended periods of storage is essential to insure the maximum service life is delivered.  NOCO Genius Multi-Purpose Battery Chargers/ Maintainers and Deltran Battery Tender® Battery Charger Maintainers will take the worry out of offseason battery storage, simply connect and let these smart chargers do all the work.


Battery Maintenance

A battery only requires a little monthly maintenance to perform perfectly. Keep the battery charged to 100%, recharging when the lights dim, the starter sounds weak, or the battery hasn’t been used in more than two weeks. Other than that, follow this simple check list every month:
Check the electrolyte level
Keep the top free of grime
Check cables, clamps, and case for obvious damage or loose connections
Clean terminals and connectors as necessary
Check inside for excessive sediment, sulfation or mossing
Make sure the exhaust tube is free of kinks and clogs
Replace caps firmly
Finish up by testing the battery with either a hydrometer or voltmeter. To extend the service life of your battery, make monthly battery maintenance part of your routine.

Storing Your Battery

If the vehicle is in storage or used infrequently, disconnect the battery cable to eliminate drain from electrical equipment. Charge the battery every two weeks.

For extended storage, remove the battery from the vehicle and charge to 100%. Charge the battery every month if stored at temperatures below 60° F. If stored in a warm area (above 60° F), charge every two weeks using our NOCO Genius Multi-Purpose Battery Chargers . Make sure batteries are stored out of reach of children.

Optima Battery Maintenance & Storage

Because of the high purity lead grid in the OPTIMA® battery, it has a self-discharge rate much lower than conventional flat-plate batteries. This means the OPTIMA battery can sit for longer periods retaining enough charge to start your vehicle when stored and maintained properly. Depending on storage temperature and the state of charge when put into storage, it can usually sit for 8 to 12 months and start most vehicles.

When possible, store your battery in a cool, dry location. Check the battery voltage every six months and charge if it falls below 12.6 volts.

Remember, newer vehicles with onboard electronics such as computers, LCD screens, game systems, GPS units, clocks, etc., require battery power to retain system memory while the vehicle is parked. If the vehicle is to be stored for long periods, you should use a maintenance charger to compensate for this drain. During maintenance, the voltage should be regulated between 13.2 and 13.8 volts, 1 amp maximum. On older vehicles, without electronics, disconnect the battery cables when the vehicle is not being used for extended periods.

For more information on Battery Chargers and Battery Maintainers please visit http://royalbatterysales.com/products/battery-chargers/

Phantom Lithium-Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) Powersports Batteries using Shorai Technology.

These ultra light batteries have Zero Sulfation for longer service life and have a super fast recharge rate.

With no explosive gases during charge- no lead, no acid they’re environmentally friendly.

Call today for a quote on Lith-ion Power Sport Batteries.


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New batteries with a two year warranty and free delivery within the GTA (minimum orders apply).

Our batteries are direct replacements for many UPS units including those made by APC, Belkin, Compaq, Cyberpower, GE, HP, IBM, Liebert, Minuteman, NCR, OneAC/Chloride, Powercom, Powerware / Eaton and Tripp-lite.
Our UPS batteries are also suitable for use in, apc rs 800, rbc 33, smart ups 1500, apc smart ups 1500, apc bx1300g back ups xs, apc smart ups 750xl, apc es 350, apc battery 750xl, apc 350va, apc smart ups xl 750va, battery aps xs 1200, apc smart ups 3000xl, back ups 500, apc 3100, apc back ups 500 rbc2, apc smart ups xl 750va, RBC7, APC1500, APC350, APC smart UPS 3000, back ups es 350, apc 1100va ups, RBC 17, powerware 5110, ups 1500 and apc cs 500 to name a few.
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Home Security Alarm System Battery

Replacing your alarm system battery on your home security system is an easy task that can be done in a few minutes saving you the cost of a service call from your home security company. The most common battery is a 12 volt 4 amp hour (hr) or a 12 volt 5 amp hour sealed lead acid battery. Although these batteries come in many diffferent brands the size or dimensions are standard.
We have quality replacement batteries for many types including UB1250, PS-1250, CASIL CA1240, TYCO BD4-12, chee yuen ca1240, E1240, ELK-1250, ELK 1240, 12V4.5AH, 12V4AH,12V5AH, PORTALAC PE12V4.5, ABS12-4, EMBASSY 12CE5.
Our home security alarm system replacement batteries meet or exceed the original battery for all alarm systems including ADT security system, Honeywell Ademco Security System, ALARMFORCE, SEARS HOME ALARM, DSC Security System and GE caddx Security & Alarm System to name a few.
Need to replace your alarm system battery? Call our Toronto Ontario battery store @ 416-744-8484 and order one today. You can pick up at our Toronto battery store or we can ship anywhere in Canada.
Bring us your old batteries and we can recycle them for free.

NorthStar Battery

Royal Battery Sales is proud to introduce NorthStar batteries to our ever growing lineup of quality batteries. Here is a quick summary of the product line offered by NorthStar.
Uninterruptible Power Supply Battery Solutions
There are certain applications where power supply failure is simply unacceptable. A steady and reliable supply of power is needed to support many mission critical operations, including data storage, medical equipment, and manufacturing processing. When the regular power supply fails, NorthStar backup batteries secure the operation.
The NorthStar UPS batteries are designed with our Thin Plate construction, providing greater surface area than in standard batteries. The greater area typically delivers 10-15% better performance on the high-discharge rates required by the UPS industry.

In the event of a power outage, most UPS users need 5-15 minutes of runtime so computers can backup important data. This puts a strain on the batteries, and the high surface area in NorthStar batteries ensures the power is delivered when it is needed.

Engine Start battery solutions

NorthStar Pure Lead AGM batteries use the latest innovative technologies to deliver exceptional performance and longer lifetime, no matter what you drive or where you drive it. Install a NorthStar Pure Lead AGM battery for faster recharge, unrivaled cycling, superior cranking and minimal maintenance, even in extreme conditions.

NorthStar Telecom Batteries – Designed to suit your needs

NorthStar batteries are used in more than 120 countries around the world. Each country poses a unique challenge, in terms of grid availability, operating temperatures, and power requirements. Even in developed countries with very stable grids, power failures can strike at any time.

We have used our global experience to develope a range of batteries to suit every environment and requirement.

The NorthStar telecom battery range at a glance:

The NSB Red Battery™ uses pure lead technology to provide high energy density and an extended float life of 15+ years, even at elevated temperatures, dramatically reducing maintenance and replacement costs.

The NSB Silver Battery™ delivers high power and cyclic capability, making it ideal for use in semi stable grid applications.

The NSB Blue Battery™ recharges up to five times faster than standard AGM batteries, with PSOC compatibility for high cyclic performance – perfect for unstable grids or hybrid genset applications.

Don’t settle for anything less – if you need the best, you need a NorthStar Pure Lead AGM battery.

What makes NorthStar Engine Start Batteries so unique?

Pure Lead AGM Technology is the latest breakthrough in battery performance technology. It delivers exceptional CCA ratings and reserve capacity cycling ability, while virtually eliminating internal grid growth. Unlike conventional batteries, Pure Lead batteries never experience catastrophic failures.
Start Stop Technology automatically turns off and restarts the engine to reduce the amount of time spent idling, thereby improving fuel economy and reducing emissions. But this will quickly destroy a conventional battery. NorthStar batteries are ideally suited for new vehicles that use this technology.
Advanced AGM construction means no water levels to check or terminals to clean, and allows you to install the battery on its side, without worrying about nasty leaks or spills.
Proudly made in the USA at our state-of-the-art battery plant, using the latest automated manufacturing processes and setting a high standard in environmental responsibility.
Broad product line with over 64% of the market covered. NorthStar has the ideal battery for you and is expanding the product range continuously – from exhibition custom cars, to ambulances, to pro fishing boats and 50 ton haulers.
Quick starting every time with up to 2150 pulse amps.
Cycled over 400 times to 80% depth of discharge – the best deep cycle battery available.
Faster recharge than conventional batteries allowing constant engine stop/starts – no idle law challenges.
Contact our team of batteries expert Toronto to place an order today.