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Extend the Life of Your Battery

One of the most important ways you can conserve your battery is to avoid overcharging. Keeping battery-operated devices plugged in after they have reached full charge may reduce battery life over time. Exposing batteries or devices to extreme temperatures can also shorten expected battery life. When batteries become hot they drain faster, so whenever possible store them in a cool place. Other great tips to extend battery life for devices like your smartphone and tablet include closing out apps when you’re finished using them, turning off your notifications or try switching to airplane mode to save your battery whenever you find yourself in an area with little or no reception.


Battery State Of Charge (SOC)

One of the most common questions our customers ask us is “how do I know when my battery is fully charged”?
Who better to answer a charging question then NOCO Genius one of the worlds most respected battery charger companies.
According to the NOCO technical department a batteries State of Charge measures the available capacity of the battery, which is expressed as a percentage. State of Charge is rated from 0-100%, with 100% representing a fully charged battery and 0% representing a fully discharged battery.A batteries State of Charge can be measured by reading either the terminal voltage or the specific gravity of the electrolyte. Terminal voltage can be measured with a volt meter, whereas, the specific gravity is measured by using a hydrometer. Battery hydrometers can only be used with flooded batteries, not sealed (Gel Cell or AGM) batteries.Below is a SOC reference chart for terminal voltage and specific gravity readings for a 12V lead acid battery:

As you can see from the SOC reference chart a battery that is 100% fully charged will have a voltage of 12.70 and a battery that is only 50% charged will have a voltage of 12.20.
All of the NOCO Genius multi-purpose chargers are designed to diagnose, recover, charge and maintain your batteries so you never have to worry about the SOC when your Genius charger is connected.