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Extend the Life of Your Battery

One of the most important ways you can conserve your battery is to avoid overcharging. Keeping battery-operated devices plugged in after they have reached full charge may reduce battery life over time. Exposing batteries or devices to extreme temperatures can also shorten expected battery life. When batteries become hot they drain faster, so whenever possible store them in a cool place. Other great tips to extend battery life for devices like your smartphone and tablet include closing out apps when you’re finished using them, turning off your notifications or try switching to airplane mode to save your battery whenever you find yourself in an area with little or no reception.


Car Battery Tester

BA9 Battery Tester

Just like tires or wiper blades, belts and hoses, batteries wear out. If you could see into the interior of a worn battery, you would be able to see the material that has shed from the battery’s internal plates over the lifetime of the battery

 The number one cause of battery plate shedding is heat, both environmental and from normal vehicle operation. Over time, high temperatures gradually break down your battery. The second most common cause is vibration. The constant jostling and bouncing your vehicle experiences as you drive also contributes to plate shedding. The build-up of the material shed from your battery plates is what eventually causes a battery to fail.

As your battery ages, the CCA reading will continue to decrease until it falls below the manufacturer’s rating. When the test decision is “Replace”, it means that your battery no longer meets industry standards and will soon fail. By having your battery tested regularly, you will know when to replace it before it fails and leaves you stranded.

 The Solar BA9 Battery and System Tester from Clore Automotive is optimized to test four distinct battery types: Conventional Flooded Acid, AGM Flat Plate, AGM Spiral Wound and Gel Cell batteries. It also features the convenience of starting and charging system testing, offering quick assessment and providing both a numerical result and a pass/fail result.

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How long does It take to Recharge a Battery?

According to the Battery Experts at Power-Sonic Battery Corp. recharge time depends on the depth of the preceding discharge and the output current of the charger.

To determine the approximate recharge time of a fully discharged battery, divide the battery’s capacity (amp. hrs) by the rated output of the charger current (amps) and multiply the resulting number of hours by a factor of 1.75 to compensate for the declining output current during charge.

If the amount of amp. hour discharged from the battery is known, use it instead of the battery’s capacity to make the calculation.


Battery capacity = 100ah.

Depth of discharge= 100%

Charge rate= 10 amps

100 / 10 x 1.75 = 17.5 hours


Battery State Of Charge (SOC)

One of the most common questions our customers ask us is “how do I know when my battery is fully charged”?
Who better to answer a charging question then NOCO Genius one of the worlds most respected battery charger companies.
According to the NOCO technical department a batteries State of Charge measures the available capacity of the battery, which is expressed as a percentage. State of Charge is rated from 0-100%, with 100% representing a fully charged battery and 0% representing a fully discharged battery.A batteries State of Charge can be measured by reading either the terminal voltage or the specific gravity of the electrolyte. Terminal voltage can be measured with a volt meter, whereas, the specific gravity is measured by using a hydrometer. Battery hydrometers can only be used with flooded batteries, not sealed (Gel Cell or AGM) batteries.Below is a SOC reference chart for terminal voltage and specific gravity readings for a 12V lead acid battery:

As you can see from the SOC reference chart a battery that is 100% fully charged will have a voltage of 12.70 and a battery that is only 50% charged will have a voltage of 12.20.
All of the NOCO Genius multi-purpose chargers are designed to diagnose, recover, charge and maintain your batteries so you never have to worry about the SOC when your Genius charger is connected. 

PowerBright is a leader in the Power Inverter Industry


PowerBright designs and manufactures the most technologically advanced power products available at their state of the art manufacturing facility.

The PowerBright 12 and 24 volt DC to AC power inverters are available in both modified and pure sine wave. Made to meet the most stringent North American quality standards the PowerBright name is synonymous with exceptional reliability.

With digital LED displays and wireless remotes these inverters are ideal for everything from emergency power supply at home to in cab power for long haul truckers.

Royal Battery Sales specializes in the installation of Power Inverters for residential and commercial applications and can provide a complete setup including everything from cables and batteries to relay switches and solar chargers.

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Exide Edge AGM Batteries

exide edge

Exide offers the first and only AGM battery to feature SureLife Graphite Technology which helps to strengthen and maintain charge pathways; increasing the life of the battery by building networks and reducing lead sulfate particle size.
Delivering 17 times more energy the EDGE battery can handle the demands of the toughest applications. With greater charge acceptance Exide Edge batteries rebound quicker after unintentional discharge. Designed to offer 2 times longer life then conventional batteries these clean, safe AGM batteries are covered by a 4 year free replacement warranty for automotive applications.

Available in a variety of Automotive and Marine sizes the Exide Edge AGM battery is fast becoming the smart choice for savvy consumers.

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Organic battery hailed as cheap renewable energy solution


A cheap rechargeable battery that harnesses energy by using the electrochemistry of organic molecules found in green plants like rhubarb rather than metals is being touted by Harvard researchers as a breakthrough for renewable energy.

The technology is outlined in the Jan. 9 edition of the journal Nature.

This potential renewable-energy game-changer could play a huge role in our transition off fossil fuels to renewable electricity.

The flow battery would be hooked to solar panels on the roof of a commercial building. The energy stored in the battery could power the building or be used whenever there’s a need for it

Although still in the research stages early testing indicates that the Harvard battery performs just as well as the electricity storage batteries that use metal ions in various charge states.

A clean, safe battery at almost 1/3 the cost of todays storage batteries is exactly what our planet needs.    

The Best Way to Double Your Phones Battery Life

Meridian 5 red

Have you ever experienced the frustration of a dead phone battery and the anxiety that’s associated with not being able to connect with your family, friends or business associates? Well we’ve got the perfect solution to put an end to this problem, android and iPhone battery cases from Lenmar that double your battery life.

The Meridian iPhone 5 Battery Case is one of the most powerful cases with 2300mAh of battery capacity. More than enough power to double your talk, text and surfing time allowing you to stay connected and productive.

The Stylish two-piece rubberized case  features an  LED charge status indicator, which displays remaining power in the battery case. It includes a Headphone Extension Cable and Micro-USB to USB charging cable which allows you to charge your phone and case simultaneously.

The Meridian Battery Case was recently reviewed in The Wall Street Journal Tech Product Reviews by Joanna Stern and received glowing reviews.

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The Pros Count On Lifeline Batteries

Lifeline Batteries is proud to call attention to Andre Moore, the first PRO Bass Fisherman willing to share his power “SECRET”, Lifeline Batteries. Winning fishermen are a little sneaky when it comes to their ways and how they continue to win. However, we finally convinced one of these guys to go on record with us and tell the world what kind of batteries he demands for performance in “Tournament” situations.

Pro Bass Fans know that Andre Moore is the man behind Reaction Innovations, its cutting-edge new products and he has a few other tricks up his sleeve too. Two time FLW winning fishermen, the Beaver killer (he’s won there twice on tour) Andre Moore demands Lifeline Batteries for all his tournament craft because he can count on the quality of the product not to let him down.
Lifeline Batteries are a critical component of our BRP Evinrude Outboard and Ranger Boat setup. Without adequate starting, trolling, and accessory battery power on the boats we lose some of the tools to chase the “BIG FISH” that win tournaments. We exclusively use Lifeline Batteries for all of our tournament boats because we can count on the batteries not to let us down in any critical situations. I know that my trolling motors will turn, my Evinrude BRP motor will start, and the Ranger boat accessories will be adequately powered all day, all weekend, or all season.
Andre Moore uses Lifeline Batteries…Congratulations to Andre Moore, 2 Time Winner FLW Tour Stops with Lifeline Batteries ONBOARD!

Andre Moore

Jump Starting a Battery with a Portable Booster Pack

A vehicle with a battery that is too discharged to operate the starter may be jump started in an emergency. Jump starting connects a charged battery in parallel with the discharged battery to provide enough power to start the engine.
Whenever possible, a safer alternative to jump starting is to remove the battery from the vehicle for charging and testing. This reduces the chances of personal injury or vehicle damage associated with the jump starting procedures.
• Jump starting a vehicle is a potentially dangerous procedure. Battery gases are explosive. Gloves, protective clothing, and goggles should always be worn when jump starting a vehicle.
• Never smoke or create a spark that could ignite explosive battery gases.
• Never make the final cable connection at the battery, it may create a spark.
• Make sure the dead battery is not frozen. Do not attempt to jump start a frozen battery. It could explode.
We sell a wide variety of portable battery booster packs to jump start anything from the smallest cars up to the largest heavy duty commercial vehicles. We even sell a jump starter that’s fitted with a Cessna connector designed to boost aircraft and ground support vehicles.
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